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Property Marketing in East Midlands: don’t live in the middle

If you’re an estate agent in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or Leicester Do you play it safe and stay in the middle when it comes to property marketing, or do you go all the way to an impressive marketing campaign? Gary Vaynerchuk gives some ideas about marketing in general in this video marketing.  (Just be aware of Gary’s strong language, so you might not want to watch it with children.)

Some of the things Gary said here, I want to pull out:

“One of the things I’m obsessed with is extremes. If I started an event business, if I was like in the blow-up castle business to rent to bar mitzvahs and birthdays, what I would do tomorrow is go to China and make the most extreme castle of all time. Like a 900 foot castle! Because what’s happening in our society right now is it’s minimalism and it’s extremism.”

I believe that makes a lot of sense. Looking at the content on social media that is viral, it is the extreme marketing campaigns that do well, not the bland ones. The TV ads that are picked up and shared in social media with millions of views are either completely insane or have super high production values or an incredibly positive message. Gary goes on to say:

“It’s the club dynamic. Why do clubs right now have, when you order the champagne, the sparklers come out? People want attention. They’re not buying the champagne, they’re buying the attention. … Don’t live in the middle. The world is getting pulled that way because of the internet. The middle is bad.”

Perhaps you don’t want to have an average marketing campaign because that doesn’t get attention.

When it comes to marketing, you want to go to one extreme or the other, either totally professional or very minimal. Why do you do that?

Because of the attention that it brings to the marketing campaign and to the estate agent or agency running that campaign.

In property marketing you may not have sparklers in your champagne (Even if you want something special for your next open home, it’s definitely going to do it!), but if you want to stay away from the middle ground then you will bring something to the marketing that gets attention.

A lot of property marketing here in Nottingham or Derby, Leicester and throughout Midlands is in the middle these days, and the middle ground in different places will be different. In some areas, the middle ground of property marketing is the estate agent who takes really bad photos with his phone or using a photographer of low quality.

In other parts of the world, this kind of marketing would be at the extreme end (but not the good end), so the middle ground is nice pictures with a nicely drawn floor plan. To identify the middle ground in your market go through the top 10 or 20 property listings that come up in your local area search such as : Zoopla and Rightmove and look at what the majority of estate agents are doing with their campaigns. Once you have identified the middle ground, you can decide whether you want to do something ordinary or whether you want to go to the top. There is no correct or wrong answer here, because it’s up to you all, but if you asked Gary Vaynerchuk what he would do, he would say:

“Don’t live in the middle ground alongside most of local property listings.”


Instead, think of moving to the extreme end in order to stand out and get the attention of as many buyers and sellers in your market as you can. So, what could extreme property marketing look like?This will somehow depend on the market you’re in, but at a minimum it’s going to be above-average professional photography and an amazing video.

For example, if daytime photos are the middle ground in your market, then use first-class twilight shots or day to dusk conversion. Be aware though that not all photographers have the ability to create stunning twilight photos. If shaky estate agent videos are the middle ground for you, then hire a videographer that can create a cinematic video with strong visual elements, incredible audio, and a perfectly selected musical base. If there is any voiceover or spoken word then it will need to be highly professional and sound amazing.


Is this supposed to work for every home?


It is important to invest heavily in the marketing of luxury properties on the market where there is high competition for this small pool of buyers. As one estate agent for Channel 5 in Nashville put it in this news piece:

” The quality of photography and photographers you use is much, much better with the luxury home market. We are not trying to find five buyers who want this property, we are trying to find the one buyer who wants this property. “

But what about that mid range Property market?

At that price point, I think there is definitely a place for extreme property marketing. However, it may not be ideal for each of your listings in Nottingham so here are three questions to help you decide if this will work for you or not:

  • If you are an estate agent, would 10% of your commission adequately cover the costs for extreme photography and video marketing? You should expect to be paying at least £250 to £750 for that, otherwise it’s not extreme enough.

  • Are you or the homeowners able to stage the home perfectly so that you can get the most from a first-class visual marketing campaign?

  • Do you want to attract more luxury listings as an estate agent?

If you answered’ yes’ to each of these three questions, a extreme marketing campaign for the right listing would be worth considering.

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