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Property Marketing in East Midlands : How video can help estate agents improve their marketing


In this video property marketing coach Tom Ferry talks about video and how it can help estate agents improve their marketing:

Here’s what he was saying:

1. Start your marketing with a video.

So if you’re an estate agent in midlands, Tom suggests you have to do a property video tour before you do your flyers, postcards, and all the rest.


“You shoot a video first on everything you do.” – Tom Ferry


Yes, he said “Video first on EVERYTHING”, which means every listing and not just your $1million+ listings. That’s how important property video tours are today, and will be in 2018.

What do video tours look like in property marketing?

Here is an example of a Wild Dog Digital real estate video tour in Las Vegas, Nevada:

2. Use Facebook Live.


Video tours are incredible, but Tom also mentions the importance of using Facebook Live as a means of streaming video.

What can an estate agents in Nottingham do with a live video on Facebook?

Well, you answer the questions and concerns that people in your area have when it comes to buying and selling property. How are you going to find that? You ask them, and it’s as easy as posting a picture or post on your Facebook page, saying, “What scares you most about buying and selling property? ” Use all the feedback you receive to create lots of small, simple videos that address these concerns. Not sure of the video yet?


“Google said that 85% of the world’s content will be video by 2019.” – Tom Ferry


That’s a huge number, but there’s a reason for that:

“The business argument for using more video is simple: it works. The Web Video Marketing Council (WVM) says online video has become a crucial part of sales and marketing programs for most business – to – business (b2b) organizations, with 96 percent of those surveyed saying they are now engaged in marketing video content. Nearly three – quarters have a positive impact on their results in marketing. – ‘Show, don’t tell: How video is swamping the internet‘, BBC News


Meanwhile on Facebook they say that by about 2019 or 2020 it will probably be all video:


What else needs to be done by estate agents in East Midlands to improve their 2018 marketing?

There’s something else I’m going to mention here, and this is:

On each listing, use professional photography. Every Single listing.

I’m saying that because there’s no point in having the best home video you’re selling if the pictures make your home look like a deep, dark cave, like the ‘ Terrible property Photos listing:


And it doesn’t make sense to do a weekly live video stream on Facebook and get 10,000 Likes on your Facebook page if your listings look awful. Why?

Because in the message you’re sending out there you need to be consistent!

Buyers and sellers in Nottingham love watching videos (as long as they’re interesting), but if your video looks really slick and you’ve got people laughing with you and learning more about your area’s property market, but your pictures look awful, then it won’t have any flow – on benefits for you.

Indeed, even if only some of your pictures look bad, people will think, “I was expecting more from this estate agent!” And you’re going to undo all the great work you’ve created with your videos!


So start making more videos, but back up with high – quality property photos.

If you’re not sure where to find a professional property photographer then see if you can find a photographer in your area here at BestRealEstatePhotographers.com.


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